Well, this is the new place. What do you think?

I don’t anticipate that you are here without already knowing me from my podcast, since that’s where almost all of my traffic comes from, but just in case I figure I better introduce myself.

I’m Natasha. I host the UNspoiled! podcast,¬†which covers books, television, and movies, and The Broad-Cast, which covers feminism and women’s rights. I am a terrible perfectionist, probably borderline obsessive compulsive. I love tea, bright colors, microplush blankets, stationery, grammar, and cooking gorgeous seasonal food. I hate running, olives, and pictures that are hung crookedly on the wall. Life goals include world domination, extreme wealth, and a monument in Central Park in my honor. I will, however, settle for a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, fireplace, and heated floors.

So that’s me, and it’s lovely to meet you.

This is going to be the place to come if you’re interested in learning more about me and how I live. I don’t know why you would be, but some people have expressed an interest, and who am I to turn down the opportunity to talk more about myself?

There isn’t really going to a be a theme to this site beyond the fact that it’s about my life. I will be including¬†recipes, think-pieces about current events in my life or the world at large, and in the coming months I will definitely be including photos of beautiful holiday decor and cooking. I will also occasionally remind you to check out my book series, Bearing Gifts, which is available on Wattpad and on iTunes.

Thanks for checking out the new spot, and I will see you again soon!