And Life Is Good

There is so much to catch up on! First of all, for those of you who know me from UNspoiled! Podcast, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve met (and far surpassed) my goal of $1200 a month by April, which means that I’m going to be staying on as a full-time podcaster for the foreseeable future. When I lost my job I was making about $785 a month, so that’s a jump of over $500 in 4 months. Truly unbelievable.

This is huge to me. I can’t overstate how surreal it is to actually do this for a living. I worked from home for a couple years in Philly, but I wasn’t making any real money and it was hard to feel like I wasn’t contributing to the household expenses. To be where I am now, in a sweet little home with a wonderful partner, making a living doing something I love, is truly a place that I didn’t think I would reach anytime in the near future. I guess getting fired from my day job wound up being a good thing after all, because I don’t know that I would have taken the plunge and reached my goal this quickly otherwise.

However, there are certainly some challenges here. A kind of weird one is that this job requires me to be sedentary. I love sitting on my ass, don’t get me wrong, but I know it’s not good for me and I’m someone who kind of depends on the momentum of being forced out the door to carry me through the day. If I know that I’m not leaving the house, it’s awfully hard to get up the wherewithal to get out of my robe and slippers, even though I wind up feeling crummy by the end of the day from being a slob. So there’s two parts of it; not dressing and caring for my appearance, and not exercising.

I’m going to do something kind of public here, and commit to once-a-week yoga classes for the next 4 weeks, and twice-a-week 20 minute walks. That’s 3 days a week for exercise, and I will get dressed every single day. Really dressed, with shoes and everything.

I will be checking in on Twitter (you can follow me here), and writing posts to let you know how it’s going. Let me know if you work from home, and how you combat these kinds of challenges! I’m always interested in tips.