The Whole Writing Thing

When I originally bought this domain, I was intending the blog to be mostly focused on my writing and updates about books I was releasing on Amazon, etc. I figured it would be a marketing tool for me, and had a very limited scope on what I was willing to post here.

Once I moved down here to Texas and my life began to take a different shape, I suddenly realized my mistake; I wanted to write more than I cared about the money I made from it.

Don’t get me wrong, money is great. But it distorts things, and after really considering it, I felt like doing something I had little experience in and immediately worrying about pleasing an audience was a surefire path to mediocrity.

In Her Flash Cover

So I decided to do something drastic. I took all my books down from Amazon, and decided to completely reboot the series I had started, called Bearing Gifts, and post them for free on Wattpad. I have 5 novellas written, which are each roughly 18K words (although after revising the first one, it wound up being considerably shorter and is probably more a novelette), and so far I have finished editing and revising and reposting the first 3. They are called Episode One: In Her Bones; Episode Two: In Her Arms; and Episode Three: In Her Flesh. 
I am also doing audiobook recordings, which are up on iTunes for free, although I believe I will go back and post longer episodes encompassing whole novellas (or as I call them, Seasons, like on a TV show).

I want to write more than I want to create a business. And I think this story is going to be a lot of fun. If you like fantasy in a modern setting, strong female characters, magic, paganism, ancient mythology, and adventure, I think you will really enjoy Bearing Gifts. So come check it out and let me know what you think!