Those Late Summer Nights

I’m delighted to report that the first few days of the Ready For Beddy Challenge have been very successful, in no small part because the changing of the seasons has led to suddenly cooler, more gorgeous evenings than I have seen in months.

Sunday night, Owen and I treated ourselves to a night beside the fire pit with glasses of red wine, and let me tell you…that was a great way to end the weekend. Sipping a rich Malbec, watching the sparks flying and the fireflies blinking against the darkness of the trees as the sky turned from deep orange to dark blue, then black…I simply love this time of year. There is a quality to the light that we all know when we see it, that slanting, deep golden sun that brings to mind fresh backpacks and notebooks for a new school year, and the scent of woodsmoke and dead leaves. I just love this time of year, and I was able to sit and appreciate it that night in a way I haven’t done in what feels like years.

It hasn’t been easy for me to carve out the time at the end of the day, at that point when I’m normally trying to squeeze in whatever I forgot to get done earlier on, but I can’t deny that my headspace when I get into bed at night has been so much clearer and more relaxed that it’s incredible. I really encourage anyone to try this for at least three or four nights in a row, see how they feel, and get back to me! Tell me if it worked for you!


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