New Year, Same Me

Wow, it has been a while since I last posted on here! And now we’re moving into a fresh, shiny new year, which stretches before us like the first blank page in a journal: inviting us to write our stories, yet filling us with anxiety about making a “mistake” and messing  up that beautiful first page.

Guess what: when you’re old you’re not going to admire how perfect the first page of your journal was. Nobody is going to comment on your neat handwriting, they’re going to be pitying the fact that all that first page says is, “Today I weighed myself and ate salad and balanced my checkbook.” Oh my god, can you imagine? A perfectly ordered, impeccably written journal that just has variations of that sentence, day after day?

What I’m saying is, LIVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE. Get those pages filthy with mud and tears and curry spices and cat paw prints and nail polish and axle grease and the sap of pine trees. Put your phone away, because nobody on Facebook is going to care about the photo of that sunset as much as you will enjoy actually being there to see it. Live the kind of year that leaves you feeling like a different person by the end of it, instead of wondering how a year passed you by so quickly.

And yes, you can do all that while still eating salad and balancing your checkbook. Just don’t make those things all you care about.

I don’t have any specific resolutions. I do have an overall theme, though: FOCUS. Most of the problems I have day-to-day, from not finishing the work I’d set out for myself, to overeating, to money issues, can be attributed to the fact that I act impulsively, I spread myself to thin, I try to multitask…and I fail to focus. It’s a simple word with a lot of implications, and it’s going to be my word for 2016.

What’s yours?




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